One of the key points of Voitura Group business strategy is developing close relationships with subcontractors. There is much more we can offer apart from supporting you with loads and truck planning in regular flows. We can propose very flexible payment programs, which are much more comfortable than what is regularly offered in transport markets. With Voitura Group you are also confident to receive your due payments in time. 

Voitura is developing a program to offer truck leasing opportunities for companies who are willing to expand. We trust that with our size we will be able to work our better purchase conditions than a single company can do. Altogether with insurance and fuel cost optimization, we are determined to offer unrivaled conditions for development of our partner companies.

In everyday work with partner trucks we offer multiple benefits: supporting your quality with training of drivers and truck audits, advising drivers on loading technique and load combination for best loading factor, assistance in case of technical problems.

Voitura team will also make sure are arrange regular meetings so that we get a chance to exchange views on our cooperation as well as search for space to expand the collaboration and strengthen mutual support.

Even though we might not work on regular basis with some carriers, we are still very curious to understand your flows and areas of interest. Then we will do our best to offer your trucks convenient arrivals to where you need to come.    

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