Quality process

Our quality work has a central role in the organization and requires the commitment of everyone. Our commitment and customer focus gives us effective quality work. We set high standards for our suppliers as they are an important part of the logistics chain.

With our partners, we offer you a modern fleet with most kinds of trailer. Naturally, we use mostly Euro 6 engines, highly trained drivers, and eco-driving.

We also offer an option for the transportation of dangerous goods and the right routines for securing loads. Quality and the environment are important, which is why we have environmental and quality certification.

The quality of transport is a result of precision of the process and consistence of training. At Voitura Group we take care that the customers requirements are well understood and clear. Then we work internally within the team responsible to create internal training materials and procedures. This refers to all fields of cooperation with the customer from technical details of truck and loading process, IT links, dispatch communication with (un)loading points, up to the billing and invoicing area.

In order to make sure the quality training are reflected in regular performance, Voitura runs systems of audits. Audits are meant to confirm the quality is in place but also to show space for improvement. When needed corrective actions are developed in order to support the parts of the process that were identified for improvement. The drivers are supported by mobile loading instructors whose job is to instruct the drivers especially in loading process but also audit and evaluate both drivers and trucks.
KPI data is collected per customer and/or plant but also per driver so that fully awareness of individual quality is well recognized.

We are certified according to the latest standards ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 14001: 2015

VOITURA Group protects your personal privacy. Therefore, we are very careful when processing your personal data. The personal data we use is processed in accordance with current law or other statutes. On 25 May 2018, the new Personal Data Protection Act General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force within the EU. This is to strengthen the individual’s right to their personal data.

This document constitutes a policy for our collection, use and processing of personal data within the framework of our business, and with which we may share personal data and your rights in relation to your personal data.

By “personal information” we mean information that is directly or indirectly linked to a natural, now living person, but also possibly location information or IP addresses, which are described below. When you use our services, we will process personal data for most purposes. To use our services, you must read and agree to this privacy policy.


Your personal information is normally collected by VOITURA Group in connection with you applying for employment with us, or being a customer of one of our customers. When you use our service, certain information will be collected automatically, including information about your use of our services as well as transaction history for this and technical data, which may include the URL that gives you access to the website (unique device ID, information about network and device performance , type of browser, language and identification and operating system information).


VOITURA Group collects personal data in order to be able to handle customer relationships and secure your data during deliveries or employment.

Legal basis

The personal data is used so that we can fulfill legal obligations and fulfill agreements and measures that have been requested before or after an agreement has been reached. The legal basis for our processing of personal data is the fulfillment of agreements to the extent that the processing is necessary for our delivery according to the terms of use. For all other treatment, the legal basis is your consent.

Data storage

Your personal information is stored securely for the above purposes, and not for longer than necessary to meet the requirements of the business.

Change in ownership

If the ownership of our business changes, we may transfer your information to the new owners so that they can continue to provide the service. The new owners must continue to comply with the commitments we have made in this privacy policy.

Your right

Once a year, you have the right to request access in writing to the personal data that is processed and to exercise your right to data portability. At any time, you can also request that incorrect personal data be corrected, that we stop processing and deleting your personal data, that the processing of your personal data be restricted, and that you object to the processing of the personal data.

The person responsible for personal data for the processing of your personal data is VOITURA Group, with whom you have entered into an agreement or otherwise provided personal data, or who have received your personal data from third parties. Within the VOITURA Group has set up joint customer registers that contain general information about customers, such as names, contact information and information about commitment. For the processing of personal data in joint customer registers, the branches within VOITURA Group, and as far as the collection of personal data from external registers is concerned, are jointly responsible for personal data.

In 2020 the company joined ECG, the Association of European Vehicle Logistics. Being linked to the industry leaders, Voitura Group will be able to adopt best practice and provide high quality services. We are honoured to be able to join the group that constitutes the absolute top of automotive logistics expertise and best practice. Voitura Group is excited to expand our know-how further but also to actively participate in ECG working groups.