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Vehicle Transportation

Voitura Group core business has been vehicle transport.

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Working directly with industry leaders is a proof of reliability and trust that we develop with our partners.

Voitura Group manages a modern fleet of trucks with major focus to keep them in good condition and under constant technical inspection. More than 80 % of the trucks are of EUR 6 category.

Voitura trucks work in regular round trips. The major focus area for car transport is Central and Eastern Europe. However, based on our strategy of constant growth in time we are also intending to become more active in minor markets. Our fleet is constantly being monitored in terms of positioning. This way we can strictly control the transport process and take proper actions in case of emergency.

Normally, we are able to increase our capacity in a flexible manner. In period of volume increase, Voitura Group is able to arrange more trucks promptly. For urgent deliveries in top season, we offer double crews to make sure we match the requirements of the customers. 

In order to optimize loading process, we support our drivers with presence and knowledge of loading instructors. They make sure that customer specific loading requirements are well understood and applied by the drivers. This helps to optimize the time and quality of loading processes.

About Group

Voitura Group is an international group of companies that started being specialized in finished vehicle logistics and general cargo logistics. The company was founded in 2016 in Kaunas, Lithuania, sharing its location with Vilnius. Voitura Group is a family owned and managed company with a growing organization of 35 professionals in commercial, purchase and administration departments at the end 2020 including the office in Kalisz, Poland. The team has vast long term experience in automotive and cargo logistics fields as most of its members have previously been involved in vehicle and cargo logistics at various backgrounds. This year Voitura Group has launched two new subsidiaries in Poland and Germany, in 2021 it is planned to open subsidiaries in Central Europe.

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